February 9, 2008

Budget makeover

Along with what seems like a million other things this weekend, my husband and I are working to figure out a new budget. Overall, what we had was okay, however with my upcoming graduation, we want to make sure we have a little extra money set aside in case I do not get a job right away.

Sure I would enjoy not having to get a job for a couple months. I could "catch up" on scrapbooking, spend time with family, finish cleaning/organizing the apartment... the list goes on and on. However, my not having a job would put a huge damper on our wanting to move out of the apartment into a house, or townhome.

Driving to work/school is the most costly thing for us, other than rent.
We are thinking about listing some items on ebay, we already use coupons and shops grocery sales, for extra cash. However are open to suggestions! Does anyone have ideas on where to look for "extra" money?


  1. No ideas, sorry. Good luck with the new budget though.

  2. Don't use ebay, use craigslist. Look up craigslist and your state or town and use that website. It is used by a lot of people. And if you bank with Wellsfargo they have online banking (which is free) and you can look and see what you buy and what catergory it goes into. That will help where your money goes. We did that a had not idea how much we spent on movies and little nick nacks like soda and such! Good luck

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the wells fargo thing! I'll check that out!

    We have used craigslist, but have some things that have been on there for quite some time...

  4. Try doing fun little things like Big Crumbs, Clix4Coins, Ebay, and get working on the CVS ;)