April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen things I'm doing instead of 13 things I should be doing

1.... Blogging instead of homework

2... Checking my email instead of laundry

3... Watching TV on DVD (Stargate SG-1) instead of prepping for my committee meeting next week

4... Piling things up on my desk so I have work space instead of cleaning it off for good

5... Thinking about what I want to do at the scrapbook event I'm participating in this June instead of working on a project for my graduate program assistantship

6... Checking my other email instead of dishes

7... Checking People.com (yeah, my weakness of pointless star gossip) instead of cleaning off the table

8... Thinking about my 100th blog post (coming in a week or so) instead of booking a hotel room for the wedding I'm attending this weekend

9... Making a list of future blog post ideas instead of figuring out parking for the meeting I'm hosting next week

10... Window shopping instead of just staying out of the store, away from temptation

11... Looking at houses instead of realizing I don't have a job yet therefore don't know WHERE to be looking in the first place (leads to disappointment when I find a house I love and then it is gone, or I don't get a job there!)

12... Checking another email (yup, one more) instead of vacuuming

13... Staying awake until after midnight each night and then come home and want to nap, instead of going to bed at a normal time to avoid being tired each day

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  1. ah, the gravitational pull of emails! I with ya! Great list.
    Brenda :)

  2. Ah....I hear you. I absolutely MUST get somethings done tonight...because I've been lazy this week. Hehe...Happy TT!!

  3. Your day sounds a lot like mine. Blogging is way more fun than homework! :)

  4. I'm doing one of them right now, I'm blogging when I should be working. This is much more fun!

  5. The SG-1 box set was on sale at Amazon right before Christmas, so I bought it. For about 2 months, that's just about all we watched, 2-3 episodes per night. *sigh* I like Antlantis too, but it's not quite the same. Did you get Ark of Truth, we watched that 2 weekends ago?

  6. I agree, Atlantis is great, but not the same. We did get Ark of Truth when it came out! :)

  7. That list looks very familiar - have fun at the wedding!

  8. I'm nodding my head, laughing at how many of these I could add to my own list. Love it!