May 26, 2008

How did I get to you?

I love, yes L-O-V-E, finding new blogs. For me, it is like curling up with a good book, or talking to an old friend. It brings comfort, emotion, friendship...

It is interesting how I come across a new blog. There are those I have search for. Yes, I may have google something and came across you. Other times, I have just taken an entire evening and clicked on my current reads blog roll to check out some new sites. It is amazing how quickly time passes when catching up on a few new blogs!

I participate in a few weekly carnivals, and enjoy a good blogging party now and then and find these are great ways to meet new people.

However, the most exciting way to find a new blog... something new... fresh... something different from what I read now is when I click on a blogroll link, read a little, click on a link in their post, read some more. And then "OOH, that one looks interesting!" click! Click Click Click! Then before I know it, several hours, and blogs later I realize I have no idea
how I ended up at the page my firefox window is displaying in front of me. My adrenaline is pumping just thinking about it!

Crazy, isn't it? So what is your story?

So, how did you find me?


  1. I don't recall how I found your blog. I just liked what I saw and subscribed in blog lines.

  2. I found you because you found me first and started commenting on my blog. I'm not sure how you found me though.

  3. That's so funny! I find at least 85% of my blog reads through other bloggers' comment boxes. :)

  4. I love it when people like you click, click, click, THEN take the time to comment. I think that's how I found you!

  5. Umm...either you found me first or I found you via Mommyfest? I can't honestly remember, but I'm glad I did!

  6. I found your blog through a friend's blog and now read your blog daily. I love reading new blogs late at night. There is something about my bed, my laptop, watching TV and blogging that relaxes me.

  7. I have no idea how I found you. You are in my bloglines though. Looking back at your posts, I'm thinking maybe Works for me Wednesday maybe? Or somehow through a scrapbooking link? Not sure, I read tons of blogs. I do like you do though & click, click, click not sure how I got there anymore. If the blog looks even a little bit interesting, I will subscribe & then delete if it ends up not interesting me.

  8. I can not recall. did you find me so I found you?
    or did I do the click click?
    or from some blogs link?
    I'm sorry I really can't remember. but I guess it don't matter, I like yoour blog, that's it.

  9. You posted a comment on one of my Menu Plan Monday posts through