June 10, 2008

Feeling overwhelmed and unispired

I have spent the last couple days dealing with spiders. It all started when I noticed one crawling on my ceiling. However one turned to six and I panicked. Apartment living dosen't allow me to do much other than squish the things and wipe down their webs. I would love to be able to wash the webs off the outside of my windows and maybe do a little spraying around the place, however I guess this forces me to look for less toxic solutions. In searching the internet, it seemed there were many opinions and ideas, however I ended up getting a few sticky traps (typically used for mice) to put in the middle of spider highway, and some orange pine sol to wipe down around the windows and where I find webs. I keep trying to tell myself they keep away all the other creepy crawlies, however I feel itchy and icky just thinking about it.

Do you have any certain way of ridding your living space of spiders?

My husband's grandparents are coming up tonight, and staying until Thursday. We are all going to Walking With Dinosaurs! I'm super excited, but have so much going on this week, I feel that I might not enjoy it like I should.

My sister's bridal shower is this weekend. I'm running around trying to prep for that. Plus, it is an 8 hour drive away, so it isn't like I can forget anything! In addition, I'm also going to hang out in my home town for it's centennial celebration! Yeah, maybe a little cheesy, especially for a town of 300, but it has potential.

I have gotten in one more application, and am working on another. I'm still nervous about not having a job, but haven't had a lot of time to think about it.

With all of the above I feel like I'm way behind in blogging. I know this isn't good. I should blog for myself, however I have a couple blog posts in the works that I really excited about and want to hit "publish" (such as the long awaited, much promised review of wii fit). Even more than feeling behind, I'm almost feeling uninspired. I have this daily stuff I write about, I complain a lot, and tend to favor the "this and that" posts, however I also want to make this meaningful, for myself and for anyone that happens to read this!

How do you find your blogging balance?


  1. I'm with you on the job search being just a little overwhelming. I have a job now but really need to find a new one sometime...

  2. I'll trade you my frogs for your spiders! As long as they aren't tarantula's! :)

  3. As for blogging balance, I have none. I'm usually posting while I'm home alone during the day and going through my reader after everyone goes to bed. Now that school is out, who knows how I'll get anything done on a regular basis.

  4. I just write when I want to and don't when I don't. Simple. :)

  5. what makes me itchy icky just by thinking of them is cocroach...
    blogging, I sometimes have so much to write at a time, sometimes dont have anything at all in my head (like these last few days...) so I do it like leslie does...