June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #9

13 things we can do to help out people impacted by the flooding in Iowa.
Families have lost their homes, furniture, clothing, toys, photos, food and water... everything they had...

1... An Iowa Mom is hosting a special web site here http://www.help-iowaflood2008.net to connect people that need assistance with those that are able to help. Please click on over if you fit in either of those categories!

2... People need toiletries, baby items, etc.

3. Donate gift cards.

4... Make other people aware (forward info/spread the word to friends, post about it on their blog)

5... Sponsor a family at http://www.help-iowaflood2008.net.

6... Donate to the Red Cross
Donate at 1-800-HELP NOW or en espanol 1-800-257-7575 or online at www.redcross.org

7... Iowans who need assistance or wish to volunteer with recovery efforts should contact the Iowa Concern Hotline at 1-800-447-1985.

8... If you wish to volunteer as a sandbagger, visit www.unitedwaydm.org or call 515-246-6563

9... Contact Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Service Program -- Cedar Rapids: 319-378-0337 to see what items/help they can use at this time

10... Contact the Iowa
Humane Society. They may be in need of extra supplies and foster homes for pets.

11... Visit Mennonite Disaster Service for information on volunteering and supplies needed.

12... Post a link to these services on your blog!

13... Pass the word on to those people that do not have a blog. Send an email, make a phone call. Start a donation rally at your church, place of work, or child's play group.

Thank you to An Iowa Mom for hosting the new website and helping me come up with many items on this list! Additional phone number and website information was found at http://www.kcci.com/news/16552924/detail.html and at Shakesville.

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  1. It's very sad what the water has done to the people in Iowa. I have a friend who's family is in Iowa in the Mississippi River, most of their land is even gone. We sent gift cards to help them. Great TT.

  2. Thanks for being so thoughtful, and spreading the word about what can be done for those families!! Happy TT!!

  3. Wow...best list I've seen. May I link to your list?

    Oh, and Happy TT! :)

  4. What a great TT. Thanks for that.

  5. Such a wonderful, caring list! I feel like this needs to be passed on...will link to it on the sidebar at my blog too! =)

  6. I was watching something about this the other day, and it said the Red Cross is completely maxed out already. They are going to have to borrow millions of dollars to help. They definitely need the donations.

  7. thanks for all the links and the good suggestions for how we can help.

  8. Here's another way you can help if you want to volunteer or donate:

    Hands On Disaster Response (HODR), a volunteer driven, 501(c)3 nonprofit, is accepting volunteers and donations to support recovery efforts in response to record breaking floods in the Midwestern US. On June 23rd HODR announced the opening of Project Cedar Rapids, which will run for 30 days and provide volunteer assistance to communities affected by the flooding. HODR has begun work in Cedar Rapids and Palo, Iowa, where we will be aiding residents in flood recovery.

    To learn more about how you can help visit http://www.hodr.org. We do not charge a participation fee to volunteer. You get yourself here, and in return we provide shelter, food, and a rewarding and unique volunteer experience. There is no minimum or maximum stay - join us for one day, one week or one month!

    We will be working alongside residents, helping with the gutting of homes, and will remain open and flexible to the changing needs of the communities. No previous experience is necessary. Our minimum age is 18 years old, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

    Please contact us at info@hodr.org for more information before coming.

  9. What a wonderful list! You did a great service by posting this. By the way, I came from a link at the Red Neck Desert Dweller. :)

    Have a great day...and stop by my TT when you can!