July 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 7-21-08

Thank you to everyone that left recipe suggestions a couple weeks ago! I ended up being sick and not cooking. Thus this week, I would like to give the linky love to everyone that left an idea!

Barbara, angie, Brenda, Amy, Stacy & Brian

- - Crock pot steaks and fruit smoothies

Tuesday - - Crock pot meatloaf, potatoes and gravy from

"Dice those potatoes and place in the bottom of your crock pot. Mix together a can of cream of mushroom condensed soup and lipton onion soup mix. Make meatloaf whatever you like. Layer the meatloaf over the potatoes and then pour the "gravy" over the top"

Wednesday - - Whatever kind of fish we have in the freezer!

Thursday - - Reader's choice. This week I'm looking for a rice recipe. Something simple and yummy! Any ideas?

Friday - - Left overs or Pasta Salad/Cold Sandwiches

Saturday and Sunday - - yet another wedding to attend

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  1. Simple and yummy? Mix rice with a can of drained beans (your choice, I prefer black beans) and salsa, mix with some southwest seasoning if you have it (taco/chili/fajita seasoning works) and heat through. I'll often dice some chicken in as well, but it's not necessary.