September 28, 2008

A month of updates

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 -- Started blog break. Husband brought me 'crazy daisy' flowers :)

Wednesday, August 27 - - Husband had been promising to wash dishes for a few days. I was just giving him time, as I knew he would get around to it, not to mention I didn't have the time to bother with it. We were in the middle of watching "Scrubs". It was around midnight, and he decided he would start washing dishes. Suddenly, I heard "Oh my God, Oh my God". I turned to look, and said "What!?". Husband made a quick turn toward me and blood spattered on the counter! I guess a glass had broke in the sink and slit his hand open. We quickly wrapped his hand and made our way to the ER. Two hours, and eight stitches later we were finally driving out of the ER parking lot.

(Husband's wound... click the photo if you want to see...)

It was a PAY PARKING LOT! Seriously. Who ever heard of having to pay to park at the ER? We dug around the car floor long enough to find enough change to pay the meter so we could leave.

August 29 - - We go to the State Fair each August 29, for our monthly anniversary celebration!

I LOVE the MN State Fair! The food, the music, the parade... it is all great!

Husband and I don't "do" rides at the fair, except one per year. This year, it was the "Big Slide"!

As I was sitting on the slide -- I got a call... about my future job! She left a message asking me to call back, After situating myself in a 'quiet' area of the fair (the pig barn) I called back and was offered a position! I was SO excited! What a perfect day!

August 30 -- Went to a friend's House warming party.

August 31 -- Husbands family came to visit. We decided to visit the zoo for the afternoon.

September 8 -- Started at my Job! I am working at a community college as an advisor/coordinator for a group of at risk students. I was so nervous, however it was (and still is) great. I love every minute of it!

September 12 -- Left for NE Wedding. Spent the night somewhere near Omaha.

September 13 -- Met our puppy! Husband's family is looking after him until we get a house!

September 18 --Met with mortgage broker! We are pre-approved for a house! :-)
September 19 -- Met with our Realtor!
September 21 --Husband went to first Vikings football game. I worked on conference planning.
September 27 -- Went house hunting! We had been searching on the internet ever since I graduated in May, thus we have had a few picked out, not to mention a favorite or 2. After narrowing them down to our ultimate favs, we ended up seeing 3. We are kind of in love with one of the homes, and thinking about making an offer... I am so nervous about this process. I really like this house, and don't want to loose it...
September 28 -- I did a bunch of cleaning. I'm trying to not think about the house, however I'm so anxious. Husband is going to call the Realtor tomorrow...

So that I my month in a nutshell! It was a busy month, however I wasn't able to work on my blog. I really need to update my blog roll, graphic changes, and a few behind the scenes stuff, such as backing up my blog! Hopefully those things will soon happen! However, one step at a time! :)


  1. I was gonna guess that you guys were going to look at houses! I would have been right! Congratulations on your job, and I hope the house situation works out (I'm sure it will) =)

  2. How exciting! A new job, puppy, and a potential new house! Good luck with the home search - I'm sure it will work out great!

  3. Welcome back! It sounds like things are going really well for you guys.. Congrats on everything!

  4. Lots of exciting things going on. How exciting about finding a house you love.....the puppy is adorable. I'm partial to choc. brown dogs.....glad you are loving your job.....and last but not least, bet hubby is not going to be doing dishes again any time soon! :)

  5. First, Congratulations! on the job, the house, the puppy, and life in general!

    Second, such a cute puppy! Boy or girl? have a name yet?

    Third, how is hubby doing? Is his hand healing ok?

  6. What an exciting month! Congrats on the puppy and a possible house. Be warned, buying a house is VERY stressful. We are in the process now and I am so stressed out about it. Make sure to try and schedule in some quiet down time with all of the new life stuff you have going on so you stay sane!