November 20, 2008

Have Junk - Carnival!!!

My husband and I have nearly perfected the "Oh Crap, we have company coming in 12 hours. Let's hide the junk."

We try to clean in advance, however there always seems to be a last minute rush to pick up the last of the laundry, or pile of clothes, dishes, or just the random stuff... the junk.

In moving/packing, we are really trying to not take junk with us. I have made a point to sort before putting things in boxes.

Here is a prime example.

One junk drawer:

Pens. Pencils. Tape. Highlighters. Whiteout. Crayons. Colored Pencils. Pencil sharpener. Random other items... A complete mess.

I shorted out a bunch of it. Then called husband over to pick out anything we "had" to have and I had missed.

I took a hilarious video with his picking through the drawer. His excitement was like a kid in a candy store.

Here is what we ended up with.

Not terrible I suppose, but more than I had wanted.

So I want to know: What does your junk drawer look like? What kind of junk is in the drawer? Is it similar to mine? Totally different? How long did it take to get like that? hehe... :) Please, do share!

I want to see pictures.

I want the details.

I'm calling a Spur of the moment Bloggy Carnival!!!

All you have to do to participate is post up a picture of your junk drawer on your blog, linking back to here. Then, leave a comment here letting up know you are participating.

I'll add all participants to a master list below. OOH, and for sure invite all of your friends too!

Common! What are you doing still reading? :-)

Grab your camera, and march on over to that junk drawer!

Extra points if you post both a before/after organization photo...


Have Junk?
--Spur of the moment Bloggy Carnival--

1. Daisy @ A Daisy A Day
2. Katie @ Crafts by Katie
3. Come on... I wanna see your junk! (hehe)


  1. Okay, I'm playing.

    Just beware of the 'oh crap' habit. Twenty years of it has produced many a black hole full of STUFF in my house. And this cupboard!

    It's a long way up for air through the clutter.

  2. It's way past my bedtime tonight, but this reminds me of my spice drawer. If I can remember, I'll snap a pic and blog about it in the morning!


    There it is! I did it! And now I'm so bleched by the drawer that I'm gonna go get it sorted out! Thanks for inspiring me and for coming and leaving a comment on my blog!

  4. I did it! I cleaned that drawer and blogged it!

  5. That's about the neatest junk drawer I have ever seen and it all has a theme! My junk drawer is so random and would self-destruct my computer if I blogged it!