November 19, 2008


Remember yesterday we picked up some yummy Caribou white hot chocolate on the way home from picking up some packing boxes?

We got an entire pickup load of boxes from a kind person giving them away on freecycle... If you haven't tried out freecycle, it is amazing!

Anyhow... the moving boxes had already been broken down, so this evening I spent a little time putting them back together.

In the process I noticed this...

I guess I knew they were "used" moving boxes...


  1. That's VERY funny.

    Hey, we got our dog from Freecycle. I've also picked up a Starbucks french press, and I've given away lots of stuff too. I love it!

  2. OH, my gosh? BAT'S HEAD?? What about the body? That is hilarious.

    I also love craigslist. I haven't gotten the guts to get rid of anything on there, but I have gotten a few things. It's pretty cool!