February 23, 2009

Help! I'm lost! Okay, so I'M not lost...

Well, maybe not really lost, per se. However I cannot find my cable to upload photos to my computer. This is making me cRaZy because:
  • I have 2 nearly full cards. I need to upload the photos!
  • I have some awesome photos to post here and want to do so before it is old news
  • I know it is here, and there isn't any where else to look... ugh. I hate when this happens!
However, on the upside, I am feeling much more healthy than when I posted last. Plus, I'm not quite as stressed (it could be denial, hehe). Stay tuned. Lots to come!

1 comment:

  1. Replacement cables are pretty cheap... it's usually just a standard USB to micro, mini or B-type USB. I keep a couple of spares around since my MP3 player uses the same conversion... which BTW if you have an MP3 player you might want to see if the cable will work.