March 27, 2009


  1. I will become better at blogging... though, on the upside, I'm helping everyone keep their blog readers empty :)
  2. I am trying to find a summer job. My current position is only 10 months a year. As much as I would love to have the summer off, we are trying to pay off some debt and put some money in savings.
  3. Husband's grandma passed away. We spent several days with family.
  4. Dakota takes up a lot of time. Nuff said.
  5. There have been lay offs at Husband's work place. It makes me nervous.
  6. My husband and I are working on an online project... Stay tuned... We are hoping to reveal soon! (maybe this weekend!)
  7. My sister moved in the last couple days, which has been a bit stressful.
  8. We are still unpacking. Who knew it would take so long!

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  1. Good luck on the job hunt. Also, thanks for adding me to twitter. I added you too.