October 5, 2009

Fall Flowers

This last weekend was great. I actual was able to leave work at work (mostly) and just enjoy.

Saturday, I starting doing some cleaning in the kitchen. It was needed. I have been behind on dishes, and sorting mailf ro some time now. It is quite embarrassing. I only got some of the cleaning done, as the afternoon, Husband and I ended up just enjoying the day. We watched some TV, played with Dakota, and went to Home Depot for some new outlets (needed to replace a couple in our house).

We also bought a new vacuum. I had been debating it for awhile. Our still works okay. However, Dakota had chewed through part of the cord, and I knew it wasn't cleaning as well as it could. We ended up getting a vacuum that was specific for pet hair. It it amazing! I vacuumed with our old one and then right away with the new, and WOW.

Sunday, we cleaned the garage. I had planned to finish the kitchen, however with the weather off and on rainy, and snow (yeah, I know the 4 letter s word) just around the corner, we decided the garage was much more imperative. We also cleaned up in the yard, picking up leaves, branches and draining water hoses. We have the rain barrels to empty yet, however are nearly ready for winter (well, in outdoor prep, not personally!)

Husband also replaced the outlets in the house (2/3 of out outlets were grounded, however only 2 prong... prong? is that correct? Looks funny).


October... We are working on saving $$ for the holidays, cleaning our pantry, and sorting through stuff making trips to goodwill and posting many items on craigslist! What are you up to this month?


  1. Nice photos! I like the top one in particular. :)

  2. Those flowers are so pretty! I should be listing some things on Craigslist too. I can't believe the holidays are right ahead.

  3. beautiful flowers.
    and congratulations on the cleaning project :)