November 29, 2009

Ham for Turkey Day!

Yeah, We had ham for Thanksgiving! :-) Though this isn't unusual for us, so many give me a strange look when I say that I am not having Turkey for turkey day!

It was a nice weekend. My husbands mom and sister, and my mom and sister (and sister's friend/bf) came to visit! It was so nice to see everyone! We ate, slept, ate, slept, and repeat every day for 4 days.

Today, after people left, husband and I put up our outdoor lights! We didn't have anything to put up outside last year, as we had just moved in, however we did cash in on the 75-90% off holiday decor after the season! We still do not have a lot, however we enjoyed it! We have one more tree to add lights to, however, tomorrow we will work on putting up our indoor lights.

Well, I'm sleepy and have a few other things to do! Have a great week!

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