December 1, 2009

Woo Hoo!

My CD came today!

Whoa... back it up...

Last night, Dakota kept us up much of the night. He took turns between waking husband up and then me. Ugh. It was a long night. He seems to not be feeling well. I'm not sure what the deal is. He seems to get sick easily.

This morning came much too quickly after letting him outside (for the final time) around 5am. However, the day overall, went really well! My students are really amazing! I seem to be a bit addicted to work lately. It is just so hard to disconnect when my students inspire me so much!

Around 4pm, I started getting super sleepy. I took a mini break and checked my email, finding out my CD had been delivered! I was instantly pumped. Yeah, I know. Sounds ridiculous, however I'm a huge music lover! Music can instantly make my mood..., well, obviously I guess!

I rushed home after work. Let Dakota outside, and put in the CD. Dancing around the kitchen! :)

I did make a little progress around the house... putting up a few more decorations, moving around some laundry, sorting through a few papers on the counter. I knitted a couple rows on my current scarf, made a couple birthday cards, played on Facebook...

Have a great week!

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