February 24, 2010

Today, I cried

I like to have a plan, and a back up. I make lists, and check things off. I dream big about the future.

However my plan doesn't always work, and my back up is often a mess. My lists become piles of sticky notes. My dreams become pushed aside with reality setting in.

Today was okay, yet I still cried. As Oprah would say, the "Ugly Cry". I just needed too. I am slowly coming to terms that my life is crazy. I cannot control anything out side of me. (Yeah, I have known this, but is is SO hard to live by it). My dreams can live on, just sometimes a detour it needed.

Life is about making the tough choices.

My students know me for saying "If it wasn't hard you wouldn't learn anything".

I'm learning everyday to be more Patient. Understanding. Calm... with myself.

I'm learning that it is okay to cry.


  1. It is definitely okay to cry. I do it a lot. *hugs*

  2. Those are the kind of days when I pop in a sappy movie like Steel Magnolias and let the tears fly!

  3. sure it is okay to cry. it relieves you weight,....