April 1, 2010

Nothing like a month break

- Still without a dryer. It has been over a month. I'm tired of having my stuff hanging all over the house!
- Going to visit family this weekend for my dad's birthday and Easter.
- I have been baking up a storm; making my own bread, buns, dinner rolls, pizza dough and trying new meal recipes. It has been a lot of work, however I believe in the long run, worth it!
- I have been stressed with stuff... work, family, life... however working to just be happy with life and move on
- I have been sewing off and on. Grandma would be proud!
- Coupons have become part of my life in a big way!

and finally

- We took Dakota to the store a couple weekends ago, and told him he could have anything he wanted...He choose Jaffery. We gave in an adopted a new member of the family

Isn't he adorable?! :)

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