January 15, 2011

My New Mappin' BFF

I am a giant fan of google maps. Anytime a new destination is on the itinerary I diligently plan out my route using this man made god given gift to those without an internal compass. It has been a long time BFF.

However I have a new love.

Mr. Garmin (MG for short) arrived over the holidays.  I was instantly excited but hesitant. It is hard to give trust to someone new. 

However recently I had to pick up Alan from a work function. Instead of printing out pages of google maps we put MG to the ultimate test. Alan entered the address before we left for work that morning. After work, I took a look at MG for the first time. I had not ever used it before. I didn't look to see where I was going. I turned it on, changed the voice to "British" and away we went. 

My heart was racing and I was actually a bit nervous I didn't have a back up plan. I really had no idea where I was going. 

However, within an appropriate 20 minutes of simple, clear, perfectly timed directions, I had arrived at a destination. I called Alan to let him know I had arrived; low and behold, it was the correct place!

I am hooked. Not only on the British voice, however I bid farewell to Google Maps. 

I look forward to many road trip adventures, near and far, with my new mappin' BFF.

My only complaints thus far... the price of extras, including the map updates and that my house is not in the correct spot. 

This is not a sponsored post (don't I wish)... I really just LOVE MG that much! :)

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