March 17, 2011

Jaffery - Part Three: The Random Stuff

Jaffery - Part Three: The Random Stuff

  • Jaffery was pretty much house trained when he joined out family. This was awesome!
  • He was, and sometimes still is, hesitant about taking food and treats
  • He was used to eating in his kennel, so the first several months, this is where he ate his meals. Now he and Dakota share!
  • We kept him in the kennel during the day while we were at work for the first few months. 
  • When Dakota or Jaffery would misbehave in the house, we  sent them "home" (their kennel). Whenever one would have to go, they both went and wouldn't without the other (Dakota and Jaffery would often be found sleeping in the kennel together too!)
  • We tried keeping him in the kennel at night (as we did with Dakota at first). However the 2nd or 3rd night he cried and barked. Dakota didn't sleep, we didn't sleep. By the 3rd or 4th night, he was sleeping in our room. He started sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed. Then moved to the foot of the bed. Now, we have this problem. (though only twice did he have an accident). He is most often found snuggled in between Alan and I - sometimes even under the blankets.

  • Jaffery can jump. Really jump. Nuff said :)

  • Jaffery LOVEs the water, and learned to swim very quickly! He also loves the kiddie pool we had purchased for Dakota long ago (Dakota is completely frightened of the pool and doesn't swim).

  • He loves finding stuff (footballs, toys, rocks, twigs, socks, paper... etc) and bringing it to show us
  • If we ignore him, he makes this "urrrrrhhhhh" noice that is adorable
  •  Loves looking out the window with Dakota. 

  • Dakota and Jaffery are still inseparable

So much more to share, however I had better save some for another day!

We love our Jaffery and Dakota!

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  1. What cute pictures. We crate trained our dogs for sleeping at night. It worked for one but the other likes to sleep with my daughter instead.

  2. Oh my gosh, your dogs are so cute!! I want a dog so bad, SO BAD! Can I have one of yours? Adorable!!! Love the pic of them in the car, sitting on each other, haha!

    Happy weekend :)

  3. I miss having a pooch! But... I was adopted by a stray kitty and she sits by me while I write, which I love.

    Love the photos - especially the one where they are looking out the window!

    ~Tui, from #commenthour

  4. Awe I love it! Awesome photos and I love Jaffery and Dakota together, so cute so sweet!

  5. Cute! My dogs do the same exact thing in the car, with the smaller using the bigger as a booster to see out the car window! They are best buddies too. I'm actually running a dog giveaway right now too! Glad to find you through comment hour.