April 4, 2011

Compassion Letter - Pink Birthday

It's Vanesa's Birthday... well, in June. However in hearing about letter travel time to Uganda, I am planning ahead!

I decided to go with a pretty pink theme (my other recent letters have been blue and white).

It might be difficult to see, but the pink paper is embossed with flowers (Michaels had these on sale a few weeks back and I stocked up on a several colors!). I also picked up the gem sticker cross at Michaels (clearance for $0.50). The pink cut out flower was cut from my cricut (each letter I have sent one in the color of that theme!).

I know Compassion cannot translate books, however I found this very thin Clifford birthday book and am sending it along! Hopefully it will make it through!

It wouldn't be a birthday package without a birthday card! I did a quick flower stamp, colored it in, glued down, added a cute punched out border and done!

The "LOVE" was super fun to make. I wanted to send something extra special for Vanesa's birthday. A few weeks ago, Alan brought home fresh flowers ( ❤ ). After a few days, I snipped off a couple flowers and placed neatly in a book. Fast forward a couple weeks. I decided it was the perfect time and color to use in this letter! I used my cricut to cut L V E, made a small "nameplate" with Vanesa's information and my sponsor id and laminated it all!

I'm excited to get this in the mail! I'll also be sending a letter and a few cut out goodies to Samuel, our Correspondent Child. His birthday is also coming up quickly! If you have ideas, I'm all ears!

What do you send your Compassion kids on their birthdays?


  1. You have sweet skillz that I do not possess!

  2. Very nice! I've not heard of Compassion Kids. Love your heart! Thanks for stopping by for my special SITS day!

  3. We just sent off our first (& kinda boring) letter to our new Compassion child. I'm looking for more creative ideas that still meet all the limitations of what we can send, so I love what you've done here!

  4. Love the blog facelift--it's ADORABLE! And what great ideas for your Compassion kids. Our letters are a little boring in comparison, but you're making me think about what else I could do. Very nice!

  5. I was going to try to do a color them as well theme as well because I love your idea. I want to do there favorite color. I have done pink for one and red for another so now just a few more to go.

  6. Another fun idea... If you want to send a secong letter in the same month is send a share gift. Send 2 sickers sheets the same, 2 silly bracelets the same or 2 of what ever eles you have around. than tell them to keep one of everything and give the other set to a friend or there brother or sister.

  7. I love this! It is so wonderful that you are taking so much care and time to celebrate your Compassion kid's birthday so special!

    Thanks for visiting my blog over the weekend!

    From one Kimberly to another. :0)