July 25, 2011

Week In the Life 2011 - Monday

I am participating in the 2011 "Week in the life" project at Ali Edwards Blog.  Generally, the idea is to document everyday life, with pictures and words.

I like to think I'm pretty good with taking photos (though not as much since stopping 2 years of the 365 project) however words, not so much. I love a good story, however I find it very challenging to sit down and write. Even jotting down a few things here and there are a pain in my bottom side.

Here are my favorite photos from today! I also kept the Netflix mailer from the movie we finished today, as well as the Pizza Ranch menu (we ordered out for supper!).

I'll be posting daily photos, and hopefully a few words, each day this week and then show you next week how I'm incorporating it all into my One Little Word Project/52 week photo project!

Even if you are not officially participating in the Week In the Life project, how do you document your life? What do you document (click to comment!)?


  1. I write and take photos to document my life. I also send emails to myself from my phone when something happens and I want to remember it. Those emails mostly have to do with something one of the boys did. My documentation process right now is very unorganized. I blog, have several notebooks, keep an electronic journal on my computer, post status updates on FB, send those aforementioned emails to myself. Things don't get written down all in one place, and I find that very frustrating.

    I take a gazillion photos and am always behind on going through them and editing them. At the end of June I had a schedule all worked out. I was going to go through 100 photos a day and by the end of July I'd be all up to date. Guess how many photos I've gone through?


    It's very irritating. Especially when I think of all the photos that are on my camera right now, just waiting to be uploaded to my computer (which has no extra hard drive space). My external hard drive also has no extra space. I could buy another one. But that costs money. And that's in short supply these days.


  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I tried to do week in the life two years ago in October but didn't complete the album. I also did two years of Project 365 photos and half a year of Project Life last year. I love to make little mini books to document everyday life and also scrapbook pages.

    I kept my receipt from shopping yesterday too! I think that ephemera from everyday life is fun!

    Good luck keeping up this week!