January 1, 2012

Project Life 2011! December 19-25

I have FINALLY started my project life album! While I am very proud to say I did finish 2 years of a 365 project, I'm super excited to be starting Project Life. It really is as easy as they say.

I had planned to start Project Life the Monday after finishing December Daily, however I had so many fun pictures from the week before, I decided to start a week early. 

So far, I have carried a few of the journaling cards (from the Turquoise Core Kit) around with my in my purse. I have written on them in the car, while at my in-laws, sitting at the kitchen table, and then while I'm putting together my page. I have only added a few random stickers here and there, and I am printing all my pictures at home on my Canon MX870.

I'm still working on my intro page and hope to post it soon!



  1. I LOVE this! I am so envious of projects such as these and would love to do one myself but am afraid I wouldn't keep up and follow through! I hope to see more of yours as you go along! Happy New Year!

  2. wow. this is great. but not for me to do. I know I'll skip too much.
    Happy new year, kimberly :)

  3. OOO I am so jealous! I need to get some kinda project going, but I seem to never have time for absolutely anything.