August 14, 2012

True Story

This morning I was typing at my computer and someone rushed by my office. Nothing odd this time of year, until I heard his sneakers come to a screeching halt. Brisk footsteps could be heard moving back my direction. I look up to see a man, presumably a student, standing in front of me.

Assuming he was one of the seemingly hundreds of students looking for the hidden computer lab, I begin to open my mouth to say "C3026 is." but before I could even peep, he says with a mix of question and astonishment, "You are the youngest looking teacher here!".

"Thank you" (what else does one say?). I reply. "I get that a lot". Though I'm thinking, no one else has literally ran back to my office to tell me.

He goes on, "I could say you are 25, but that would be too old".

Oh. To be 25 again...

Happy Fall Semester.

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