January 23, 2008

It's my birthday...

So it is official, I'm 25. The morning began perfectly... I slept in!

Things I did today:

* renewed my driver's license
* stopped at the bank
* went to the mall
* met my husband for dinner
* did homework
* answered emails

When my husband came home, he brought me beautiful flowers, an ice cream cake and gifts. We then went mini golfing! I had never tried it, and it sounded like fun. However, I was grateful there wasn't anyone else around watching. . . I am terrible at it!
After golfing, we went for dinner. Right away, I decided to go for the giant root beer float. It was fabulous!


  1. Hey - I just turned 25 on the 5th :) It's fun being 25 I think because now I'm actually a classified "adult" :D Yippie!!

    Hope you're enjoying life as a grown woman :) Thanks for reading my blog - try CVS - it's AMAZING!!

  2. Happy Birthday and welcome to blogging! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm glad you found the list helpful!

    PS,I love daisies, too!