February 19, 2015

Hello... is anyone there?

Wow. I guess it took awhile to return!  Is anyone still checking in?

Since my last update, I...

  • had a baby
  • received a promotion at work
  • started a doctorate program
  • found out Jaffery has thyroid cancer
  • made a bundle of projects
and SO much more. 

I'm thinking about writing now and then. No promises, but please, let me know if you are still around! Would love to hear from you.

November 12, 2012

Lost in a Sea of Paper

I have been lost in the above, which if you remember, should look more like this beautifully organized art studio. It is sad. Yet, I did finish enough items for a craft fair, posted a bunch on Etsy, and have been helping Alan with his website (as it is "McRib Season").

I have also been prepping for Thanksgiving. Well, in prepping I mean thinking about what I need to buy and what parts of the house still need cleaned ;) I have found myself with a lovely cold/sinus infection. I could feel it coming on last week, however the last couple days have been brutal. I have made several broth soups and tonight Alan took me for Pho. This helped tremendously and I'm hoping does the trick.

I have a bunch of fun holiday posts in mind. I'm excited to start on those soon. What upcoming holiday crafts, scrapbooks, or projects will you be working on?

November 5, 2012

Late Halloween Post

This year, Halloween brought us our very own Darth Vader Dog and Yoda Dog. 

 We love dressing Dakota and Jaffery up for their Halloween walk. The adults might think we are nuts, however neighborhood kids love it.