January 24, 2008

Long, cold day

Living in the midwest has its perks. I must say the cold is not one of them. I am all for winter sports. I enjoy skiing, sledding, and ice skating. However, there is no reason for it to be THIS cold!

I feel sluggish today. Other than the cold, I'm just tired. Left the house at 7:30 am, and didn't get home until 10 pm. I guess part of it was my own doing. I met a few friends for dinner to celebrate my birthday. It was nice, but maybe not such a good idea with so much going on this week. In addition to work, school and meetings, I just feel worn out. I think I'll save my homework until tomorrow. Most likely, this isn't a good idea, but it will have to work.

Between everything, I did some quick shopping. Shopko has basically all winter clothing on sale! I find this insane as at this moment, as it is -7 degrees, but I suppose, makes it a better deal for me! I got my husband 4 pairs of socks for $6 (reg over $6 for 2)and a fleece jacket for $15 (reg $50).

I am thinking with my photo 360 challenge, I'll make a separate photo blog, or something. Then I don't have to upload my photos each night. Instead I'll do a once per week upload. Look for that this weekend!

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