January 24, 2008

Thank Goodness Tomorrow is Friday

It has just been one of those days where everything goes wrong, is overwhelming, or is just plain stupid. I'm VERY ready to be done with school. I feel one of my classes is pointless, and not serving the purpose of the class. I could be studying for my comprehensive exam, prepping for another class, or spending more time at my internship... napping, something more productive than the 1.5 hours each week I spend in that room!

I also am finding that I come home and want to go to bed. I don't have energy for homework, to watch tv, do laundry, dishes, make something to eat, or hang out with my husband. I feel bad. I really do want to do these things! I want to spend a relaxing evening with my husband, make dinner together, and watch a movie without worrying about the 300 pages I need to read for class tomorrow, or how I'm going to make time for studying for my comp exams!

I am hoping the weekend brings some relief, however am cautious to be too hopeful as I realize how much homework I have to do. . .

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  1. Hi there. Thanks for the visit and the comment! I hope you'll come back to visit. And kudos to you on starting a blog (I read to the bottom!!) It is a great thing to do. (the only problem is, it can suck your time if you don't have much of it...) but it is very fun and you get to meet lots of really neat gals (and a few guys) on here!

    Have a great evening.