February 26, 2008

Days like this

I had good intentions about going to work today. Really! I'm on day 8 of being sick (though this is only my third day of not going to school/work)... I'm so over it! Sure, sometimes it is nice to be sick. ie: someone (husband) waits on me, I don't have to do homework/go to work/go to school. However my throat and ears have been itchy, eyes watery I can't sleep because I'm coughing all night, and I'm having hot flashes like I'm going through menopause! Need I say it again? I'm so ready to be done with this! .. I'm so over it!

Ok, and this calling in sick thing. Well we need a new system. So Sunday night when I went to bed I had a feeling I wasn't going to feel much better in the morning. However, I had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to call in to work and let them know I wasn't coming in. Hmm. Plus, the person that is supposed to be there bright and early for reasons such as people calling in sick, wasn't there. Eventually, I left a voicemail and sent an email to let them know whenever they arrived. I needed someone to know I wasn't coming in so something could be done with the 5 appointments I had scheduled. Luckily, I had anticipated this problem, so to avoid making myself look like I waited until the complete last minute, I had called my supervisor's voicemail first and left her a message saying I just wanted her to know, and that I would also call the front desk and let them know.

So anyhow, after going through a similar process this morning, I decided I would head on over to the Minute Clinic. I looked up the information, noticed they opened at 10 am. I wanted to return to bed, however knew I should get there even a little early to avoid waiting in line.

I started a load of laundry, checked my email, read some blogs and got dressed (yup in that order). By 9:30 I was off to the clinic. By 9:45 I arrived to find 5 people already in line ahead of me!

After an hour wait, and a 15 minute appointment, I found out I do not have strep, or an ear infection, and am not going through
menopause. Instead, I was directed to purchase various over the counter items, rest, drink water and get better. Umm, okay. Ya think?

Being this particular Minute Clinic was in the mall (yup, during the hour wait to be seen, I was lucky enough to cough on all the happy healthy people that were window shopping), I ventured over to the adjoining Target to purchase the various items suggested that I did not already have.

One of these items being sudafed, I had to pick it up at the counter and nearly sign my life away to get it. I guess I get it, but still. My nasely voice, puffy red eyes and nose, constant coughing/sneezing and matted down hair had to have been a sure fire sign I was up to no good.

I even picked up some airborne. I figured at this point, I'm willing to try anything, and have heard/read good things! (thanks to
Teachin' this mommy new tricks!)

So I finally make it home and decide the only thing that sounds any good is macaroni and cheese. As I let the noodles cook, I move around the laundry, take some meds, and a cough drop. After draining the noodles, I got out the butter and as I reached for the rice milk (we usually drink rice milk) I hesitated when I noticed my husbands carton of strawberry milk sitting there, taunting me. Hmm. I wonder what strawberry liquid would do mixing with the power cheese? I pondered over it for a moment, and decided maybe next time. :-)

So now, I'm sitting here with a bowl of mac and cheese, which is most likely cold by now, typing this to you all. It is strange. Before blogging, I would have wanted to tell this all to someone immediately (as I am now), however everyone would be at work or school and I would have to wait.

Now, I find how much I love the instant gratification of telling all of you!


  1. Hello there,

    Hope you are a feeling a little better by now.

    Sudafed? I thought that was a banned substance. Isn't it the same as terfenadine? I thought it was. And that is no longer available these days.

    The strawberry milk was a new one to me. That cheese/fruit combo might have shocked your insides into instant recovery ;-)

    I am on my way to your photos. Hope you have some up here.

    Take care.

  2. Get well soon. I haven't been feeling so hot myself...

  3. Oh I feel so special! I have my first link! Thanks! Hope that the Airborne will help. I am actually up today. So good luck and let me know how the strawberry mac works out :)

  4. Airborne is *awesome*! My mom swears by it and she got me hooked! Although... I did hear that the ecinacea (sp?) in it reverses the effect of birth control... this could be a huge myth but I believe that is how my roommate three years ago got pregnant... something to research! lol!

    I hope you're feeling better! I'm loving your blog!!! =)

  5. yeah, i feel ya. i'm on day 4 of no work. that's gonna be a great paycheck.

    STOP right now. do NOT take anymore sudafed. seriously. i have had 4 docs tell me not to take it because of the...crap what's the word i'm looking for? basically it makes you feel better and as soon as yous stop taking it, you get 10 times worse.

    thanks for stopping by my blog, and feel better soon!