February 12, 2008

Let the job search begin!

For the last year, I have had my eye on job openings, watching for trends, job requirements, and preferred qualifications. I can’t say I used all of this information to my benefit. I could have volunteered more, or tried to find more experiences to be able to fit myself into a wide variety of positions. Yet, here I am, still sitting on a handful of experiences, many similar to my peers. Sure, there are a few things that set me apart from others, but will it be enough?

I have many interests in student affairs, yet I of course have in mind a 'dream job'. I have had experience in it and singularly, enjoy it the most out of all the others. My only concern is, Can I get this job!? How long should I wait for my dream job? I graduate in May, what do I do if I’m not employed by June... July... August...? In addition, there are other students in my cohort interested in this type of job.

Yesterday my dream job came open! I was super excited! I was reading through the post, and it seems items on my resume would cover all of the requirements, and many of the preferred qualifications. I was nearly dancing around the room. And then, I saw it. "50% time" UGH! You've got to be kidding me!

Now, I'm stuck in a rock and a hard place. I really want this job, however really need a full time job (need is a strong word... maybe "want, prefer, financially would be easier" would be a better way to put it). I don't know what to do. I could at least apply, but if I'm not serious about the job, shouldn't bother.

Let's work on a list...

Pros of this job opportunity:
  • It really is my dream job - as far as position. I cannot speak for the institution, or office environment...
  • It involves teaching! With my master's degree this is hard to come by, but would LOVE it!
  • From what I can find, the job would provide me with opportunities to be innovative, start new projects and build on old ones.
  • It is at a small school. I really didn't want to work for a campus that was more populated than the county I grew up in. :)
  • It might be the only position in this exact field that opens up in the next few months (or longer).
  • My schedule would possibly be more flexible to visit family, take a long weekend with my husband, etc.
  • If my husband and I decided to have children, I would be able to be a 1/2 time stay at home mom :)
  • Even having 1/2 time experience in this would give me leverage when/if I applied for a full time job.
  • I could use the other time to do many other things: Professional development, a 2nd 'fun' job (I always have wanted to be a professional crafter, or photographer...), catch up on my 'to do' list.

Reasons this job may not work:

  • It is only a 50% time job, which is of course 50% pay.
  • It is exactly 62 miles from my husband's work place. We could move somewhere between and it wouldn't be terrible, but still.
  • What if another dream job opens up, that is 100%, but I have already accepted the 50% job?
  • There is an April start date. I'm not sure how flexible this is, and I do not graduate until early May.


  1. I suggest that you apply and let the Lord sort it out. If you are offered an interview, you are not OBLIGATED to say "yes", right?

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog...from the sound of it, we have similar ideas of a "dream job."
    Good luck in your pursuit!