February 29, 2008

Our first February 29th

My husband and I were married May 29, 2004. Each month, on the 29th, we make a special point to spend time together. For the last (nearly) four year we have had to celebrate our Feb 29th, on Feb 28. Today was our day! :-)

I find that I just enjoy his company.

Unfortunately we couldn't celebrate our first Feb 29th in luxury. I was in a meeting most of the day and my husband had to work late. By the time we both got home, we were both exhausted.

A big fancy meal is nice, but sometimes just gets in the way.

We had thought about going on a weekend/overnight vacation, however with my comprehensive exams in 3 weeks, I really need to stay home and study. So instead of a big fancy weekend, we held hands while window shopping at the mall, and over
a root beer float, talked about to tackle our dishes and laundry this weekend.

Really, it is the little things that count.

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  1. I completely agree. Some of my favorite memories with my husband are just sitting on the couch, playing word games, or being silly together. Who needs a big fancy meal or a vacation?