February 24, 2008

Photos? Lists? Clippings? What's on your fridge?

I found this meme over at Musings of A Housewife, and thought it would be fun to participate!

Living in an apartment, I have an old ugly fridge. however it is mostly covered up with a mess of stuff.

On the side, I have a grocery store calendar with recipes.
The front has... well, a little bit of everything. Photos, coupons, grocery list, take out menus and some random stuff.

Some of the random stuff...

A list of "Creative 'Mistakes' You Must Make" to remind me to take one day at a time and enjoy life...

We have CPR information guides posted.

A list of important phone numbers

White board markers

And one of my favorite random things: our "I am feeling..."
charts. My husband and I each have one. We use it as a fun/helpful way to let each other know how we are doing! :-)

If you are reading this, I tag you! Make sure to leave a comment so I can come over and see your fridge!

If you want to take part in this fun meme, head on over to
Heart at Home for full details! With this one, there is even a little prize involved for TWO participants (through March 2008)!

Note: I had to update and republish this a couple times as the formatting went crazy and 1/2 of the words were missing... sorry for this!


  1. Love the "how are you feeling today" that is cute

  2. I'm afraid to take a picture of our fridge - it is so messy! We used to have one of those, "I am feeling" things on ours - I wonder what happened to it? I really enjoyed the "Creative Mistakes You Must Make." :)

  3. I love the "how I am feeling" chart, that's too good. Yours is certainly "cleaner" than mine!

  4. the 'how i am feeling' chart is AWESOME! how do you keep it, so organized? my fridge is one of the biggest shelfs in the house ;)

  5. You should have seen the fridge a couple months ago! We recently cleaned our kitchen, top to bottom, and desperately are trying to keep it on the organized side :)

  6. Love the magnets and the chart!

  7. How do you keep your frige organized? I love the way the markers are arranged!

    Thanks for sharing.