March 11, 2008

Going through shopping withdrawal

This no shopping thing is harder than I thought it would be. Of course I'm motivated by having a tidier (that is a funny word) apartment, and saving money, yet I am still feeling the urge to shop.

This project is forcing me to examine my need for things, and shopping. If I am just as happy with a walk through the park looking at waterfalls as going through the mall, why does my car usually end up in the parking lot of the mall?

Is't it fascinating how there is a culture of having stuff? There isn't anything in particular I want, or need. I suppose it makes me feel good to buy new things. A new toy can be fun for awhile. Yet, then it finds a home on a shelf, or in a box, and is forgotten about.

Even as I sit here on my couch and look around there is junk are treasures everywhere. This is a great time for a change. It might not be an easy 2.5 more weeks, but it is time to move beyond the notion that I need new stuff. I may just have to extend my ban on stuff. We will see...


  1. There's just something great about buying new things... even if it's just something small. Good luck. You're better than I am!

  2. Stick with it! I bet you'll look back and be glad you did it.

  3. I completely know what you mean! Shopping can be so fun...especially finding a really good deal on something.
    I need to try no shopping for a month! My husband would LOVE that.

  4. This is a difficult thing - to keep from buying 'stuff'. My three biggest areas are food (yes, I stockpile that too), crafty supplies and books (mainly homeschooling stuff). Downsizing is what we need to do - wouldn't it be nice to see the floor and the tabletops? Thanks for commenting and visiting on my blog by the way. :)