March 24, 2008

Just for Fun!

Saw a fun link over at
Biddy's World and just have to share... click here and wait for it...wait for it!

Now wasn't that fun?

If you have leftover peeps... try checking out the Washington Post for diorama ideas... yup, seriously.

Do you have a co-worker who is out of the office? Use your peeps to show how much you missed them.

OOH, you would rather EAT the candy? Try THIS!

Things I need to do today:
  • Homework due tomorrow
  • Type notes from planning meeting
    • organize box of papers for group
  • Laundry
  • Get items ready for craigslist
  • Search for bridal shower ideas for my sister (suggestions anyone?)
  • Clean off computer desktop
  • Make birthday card for dad
  • Fill out and send in form for hooding ceremony
I could keep listing, but I'll stop there. I'm hoping to at least get that much done after work!


  1. Great links. I love your blog! I found you thru the Ultimate Party and wanted to invite you over to my site for a fun contest this week. You could be my lucky winner or my unfortunate loser . . . either way, I hope you laugh a little.

  2. sounds like you have a nice list of things to do. I need to put on a list to make a list of all the stuff I need to do. :)

  3. Hey CD. Did I know you were in Student Affairs? Have we talked about this?!? I worked in SA for years before moving to Italy. Loved it!

    Also...on your list. My sis had looked into several fun shower ideas when I got married. We loved the couple ones, but couldn't do them because of where we live (and mostly bc Pep didn't have close friends in Texas to share in the fun.) But, there was a wine and cheese party idea, a cooking party idea,an outside BBQ party idea...also, she had discussed doing a Coffee Shop-type party and having ppl bring a cheap paperback book (since I can't get English -language books here). If you want details on any of these, just let me know. Hope you get your list done!

  4. okay, the link was fun!
    thanks for visiting my blog, I'm sorry fthat you're a little late. it's written 24 marsch on the poat, but it's been 25 here. See, I live in the other side of the earth, and it it 10 hours earlier than US.
    thanks anyway, and waiting for your next visit.