March 13, 2008

Today. . .

Today I...

- appreciate that my husband did laundry and dishes tonight before I got home.
- am tired even though I got 9 hours of sleep last night.
- am panicked about my comprehensive exam next Friday.
- am happy it was 50 degrees today.
- feel crabby, anxious, depressed and sad for various reasons.
- want to be done with school.
- am nervous about finding a job.
- just want to sit here and do nothing, but realize that isn't going to do any good.
- am looking forward to tomorrow.

addition/edit: Sorry for my negativity. Been one of those days! I'll write about something fun and positive tomorrow.


  1. Sorry that you're having one of those days. How great to not have to come home to dirty dishes and laundry - what a husband.

  2. Hi.....I answered your question over at my party :)