April 20, 2008

I hate shopping

Well, actually I hate clothes shopping. I go into a store with all good intentions and walk out with nothing more than frustration. The last time I went into a clothing store with thoughts of buying a bunch of new things, I walked through the women's section with enthusiasm and confidence. I ended up with nearly 30 things to try on.

I arrived at the dressing room. Tried one on. Ugh. Not my style. Next one, doesn't fit right. Third one is a charm right? NOPE. It fits, but is quite ugly on. Not my color.

So you get the idea. If there is one I like in all areas, I check out the price tag. $45. I don't think so! I cannot afford to spend that kind of money right now!

Yesterday I found a skirt I really really liked. Checked out the price tag... $119.95! GULP! HOLY COW! Pass!

Maybe I'm doing something wrong here. Thoughts? How do you shop for clothes (that fit and look awesome!) without breaking the bank?


  1. I generally check the price tags first, and hit the clearance areas... and try on a million things... But I don't like it either. I always stick the same colors for bottoms and jackets then I can mix and match a lot more and shop less. Dresses are the worst to shop for, because what fits right on top doesn't always fit right on bottom and vice versa...

  2. I check the price tags first. That way I fall in love with something I can't afford. I always check the sale/clearance rack, and I sign up to receive emails about upcoming sales. A great place to shop is Express. They have these really wonderful sales about 3 or 4 times a year, and you can get a lot of clothes for a small amount of money. I tend to "stock up" on those sales so I don't have to keep buying clothes all the time.

  3. That should say, "That way I DON'T fall in love with something I can't afford." Oops!

  4. I usually see if I like it, and then the price tag. and I experience what you did: ugh! can't buy this one.
    so yes I go to the box sale, but so hard to find a real good one there.

    so this is how I do this now. I don't buy clothes too often. but I'll make sure I like it, no matter if I have to spend A little more money on it.

    does it make sense to you?

  5. I like clearance. I also like to shop online using Big Crumbs - that way I see prices right away and then I know I'm earning back :) (You can get there via a link on my site). I do have to already know my size from the store though. Unfortunately, now I have to go into stores since I don't know how maternity clothes will fit me... You can usually find coupons for free shipping or discounts for different online stores too - a little searching goes a long way :)

  6. I like Ross's or Marshalls. They usually have good deals.

    Or, if I'm in a pricier store, I try to get things on sale.

    Regardless, I can share your frustration with clothes shopping and prices. It's no fun when everything costs a fortune!

  7. I think it takes a lot of time and energy. Gail constantly cruises the clearance racks at Gap, Old Navy, and a couple other places. She seldom spends more than $5 or $6 for anything, and she is the fashionista diva at my house.

    Personally, I'm with you. I hate to shop. I like mail order.

  8. Clearance on llbean and landsend.com

    You get last year's colors, for ridiculously cheap.

    I got a cashmere sweater for $19 once, and a winter coat for $29 (from almost $299).

    Added bonus, once you find out your size, it's pretty consistent.

  9. I work retail, I would recommend scanning the sale racks first. That's where I would look for basic pieces in basic colors. If you can get on a store's e-mail list AND their client list, DO! Not only will you receive coupons, but they'll call you if their having special in-store only sales. My store recently had a sale of 30% off suites AND 20% off purchases of $100 or more. You can get a lot of great things with sales like these. I'd look at places like Goody's or Kholes for "trendy" pieces, since their prices tend to be lower and the pieces might not be in style for too long. Also, if you have a Plato's Closet (consignment store) near you, they can be a great resource. They'll also buy clothes that have been purchased within the last year, so you can get some money back for those seasonal "trendy" pieces you did buy. I'm planning to do a shopping advice post on my blog soon, so check it out to see if I get any more good ideas between then and now!

  10. I don't like shopping much either. But if I must, then I'll always wait for the sale season! If I'm traveling to a different country and their stores are having sales, I'll buy clothes there especially if it's cheaper there or a brand that I can't get back at home.

  11. Have you ever tried setting up a personal shopper appointment at a department store (i.e. Macy's). Many stores offer the service free and the shoppers can help you pick out things that would look good and fit in your price range. You might want to buy one or two pieces from the department store, but once you know what looks good and fits well, you can start your own searches at consignment shops and discount stores instead.