April 28, 2008

Thanks and linky love!

It was SO much fun participating in the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival! Even though I wanted to live at my computer desk for the last seven days, clicking on each and every giveaway, reading new blogs and meeting new friends, I wasn't able to get through them all.

However, Friday I received a message letting me know that I had I won a Target gift card from Un-Domestic Mama ! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. I'm very excited to do some clothes shopping this weekend!

I also hosted a giveaway, with TWO winners. Go check it out!

Additionally, I couldn't have made it the last week without finding a ton of new blogs that I made me laugh, cry, think, and dream. Heres a little linky love for a few of my favorites!

Kelleys Family Jewels
SevEn cLoWn CirCuS

Sunday Scrappin'
One Frugal Chick
The Miss Elaine-ous Life
With a Green Thumb


  1. oh I like seven clown circus... she is just so cute and so is her family!

  2. The highlight of my day was to visit your blog and see my blog on your post today. I so appreciate the linky love, and have loved finding and visiting YOUR blog.......

  3. Congratulations on the win! That's probably one of the best prizes!