April 1, 2008

Wacky Web Wednesday - This is no joke!

I found this first video over at Never a Dull Moment. For more information on the collection of burgers, head on over to the Bionic Burger website!

One more reason to not eat fast food. Ugh!


This next video is an interesting way to look at our government's spending, (or lack of in some cases).

For more information on this video, and/or those that made it click here.

I'm not here to tell anyone what to believe in, or get talking all political. Instead, this is just something that made sense to me and I'm sharing it.

** Edit ... Nope, today isn't Wednesday. April Fools... :-)
I'm out of town the next couple of days and wanted to make sure to get this posted.
I"ll still be checking in and posting as often as possible!


  1. that burger video made my stomach turn! i am never eating at mcdonalds again! that is so gross and soooo sad!

  2. GROSS McDonald's video...but good info to know!