May 25, 2008

How did you get here?

I'm a huge fan of Google Analytics and recently was curious what kind of Google searches one would have to do to end up at my blog. After checking with Google Analytics, here are a few searches that ended up here...

  • crazy daisies (ok this one makes sense)
  • office max ink cartridge exchange (Yep, must have linked to here)
  • card stamping, gradution card
  • 2008 photo gradution cards daisy
  • cricut cards
  • baby cards
  • cricut & "baby card"

(Yes, yes and yes, I'm all about my cricut, card making, scrapbooking and crafty stuff)

  • crazy daisy 60's
  • background butterflies
  • crazy daisy flip flops
  • fabric giveaway blog
  • butterfly quote
  • "i prefer daisies"

(...Interesting... I'm not sure if these good folks found what they were looking for. I suppose it is possible. Either way I'm happy they stopped by for a few moments.)


  1. I don't get any real weird combinations... The majority of my traffic comes through referrals from other sites... The only one that doesn't make sense to me is "almond paste decorations laboratory theme", but whatever. :)

  2. I get some very odd referrals. The most common (besides unbalanced reaction or "how to balance a reaction") is "graduate school and crazy coworker." Go figure.

    My favorites so far:

    code conduct for tetanus

    dead squirrel in toilet

    i am getting interviews in my field but not a single job offer in 4 months

    no american postdocs in all my department

  3. I'm gonna do a post like this soon. It's always interesting to see where people came from. Mine are all pretty boring, but there are a few fun ones now and then.