May 29, 2008

Our Wedding Anniversary!

Eleven... the number of years we have been together
One... ring bearer
Two... flower girls
Ten... the number of attendants
Six... colors. I couldn't decide on one, so all attendants/flower girls had a different color (same dress pattern!)
Hundreds... of photos from family, friends and our great professional photographer!

(*We were lucky enough to be able to purchase the rights to all of our professional wedding photos!)
Four... the number of years we have been married
29... the date we celebrate each month for our monthly anniversary
Countless... the number of moments that husband has swept me off my feet!

Happy Anniversary Lovey!

I want to also wish Geeka and her significant other a wonderful anniversary! They were married four years ago today too!


  1. It is a pretty good day to celebrate. Congrats on four years and even more congrats on 11 years together. Wow.

  2. Love the bouquet! Congrats! Hope you have a great evening celebrating.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary. What fun!

    You really are crazy about daisies, if your bouquet is anything to go by. I thought I was the only one. It's beautiful.

    Happy weekend!