May 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen things to NOT do before an interview...

1.... Do not plant flowers the night before. No matter how hard you try, there will still be dirt in your finger nails.

2... Do not wait until the night before to pick out what to wear. What you want to wear will be dirty and you will have to stay up late to wash it.

3... Do not stay up late the evening before your interview (if you missed it, refer to #2).

4... Do no think about the other job you want to apply to. It becomes very confusing.

5... Do not do anything crafty. If you do, you will end up with marker/paint, or some other random blotch of purple on your palm.

6... Do not get there an hour and a half early. You will be bored and become more anxious.

7... Do not wait to use the bathroom. Go plenty ahead of time (no - no problems here today, I'm just sayin').

8... Do not plan anything else for the day. You will be tired after and want to rest.

9... Do not convince yourself you are to nervous to eat. Yes, you are nervous. However, I assume you do not want your stomach to answer the questions for you.

10... Do not assume you will want to wear your interview clothes the rest of the day. Do pack something else!

11... Do not attempt to eat yogurt while driving to the interview. This will only end badly.

12... Do not practice questions on the way to the interview.

13... Do not be nervous. Sure a little is okay, but find your happy place. :-)

... I cannot say I experience ALL of these today, however am embarrassed to say I did experience a few... What have been your interview hiccups?

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  1. In order do prevent #9 I've done #11 and thankfully I was early enough I ran home and changed blouses. It wasn't for an interview but meeting a potential new client, still fairly nerve wracking. Yogurt really stands out on a dark color.

  2. won't tell. I hate interviews!

  3. I hope your interview went well!

    I got my bloggy prize today. Thank you so much - I love it!

  4. You are so funny! I'm imagining...trying to figure out which ones YOU did! I've done some of the above as well.