June 25, 2008

On my mind

  • I have an interview on Thursday for a really great position and opportunity. I'm so excited, however nervous and trying not to get my hopes up!
  • I'll be helping with a scrapbook retreat this weekend! I'm assigned to the photo printing station! :-)
  • I haven't packed for the scrapbook retreat. I'll squeeze that in between the interview and leaving for the retreat!
  • The apartment is a mess! Before getting the call for the interview, I was sorting some of our treasures to be taken to Good Will, or the dumpster. I guess the mess will have to wait.
  • I finally gave in and turned on the air conditioner. I was avoiding it, however today, as of now, it is 86 degrees. The fan wasn't cutting it.
  • Speaking of it being super hot outside. I have nothing cool and comfortable to wear to the interview! I'm not looking forward to my suit. :(


  1. Hope you share with us what you make at the scrapbooking retreat. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Good Luck with your interview!

  3. I hope your interview goes well!

    We still haven't turned on our AC...I'm trying to put it off until July, but we're going to be in the upper 80s today, and if today is anything like yesterday, I may have to break down and do it. It was 84 in my house when I was cooking dinner last night. Miserable.