July 23, 2008

Wednesday already!?

It is hard to believe it is already Wednesday, and quickly nearing the end of July already! Where has the summer gone? I have spent the last couple days trying to catch up with laundry, emails, applications, and dishes, non of which are 100% yet. Yesterday morning, instead of doing any of the above, I made these that I found on Daisys blog (yes, yummy apple dumplings - which I now have renamed "(Good Enough to go to Confession) Apple Dumplings"). They are amazing, especially with vanilla ice cream!

I ended up making 2 pans and taking some in to my husband and his co-workers. When I got there, over their noon break, there was a seminar going on, titled "Healthy Eating"! HAHA! OOPS!

Today, I'm back to catching up on the previously mentioned items. I really want to be caught up, but really, is one ever to that point?

Happy Wacky Web Wednesday


  1. Those are good aren't they? I made them last month... or was it two months ago... either way... delicious!

    I had some surprise daisies come up while you were gone... :)

  2. I need to try those sometime...and soon!

    Hey, I like your new blog header!