June 30, 2008

Weekend Recap!

Thursday - - My interview was at 1 pm. I was first given a tour of campus by the director of the program I was interviewing to work with. The tour was nice, and it was a great way to learn more about the campus, and the program. I then had about a half hour to fill out some paperwork, and fill out a short advisor assessment. The interview started off, and I was SO nervous. They gave me the questions so I was able to follow along, and not have to ask them to repeat any of the questions (for anyone that does hiring, this was really nice!)! As the interview progressed, I became more and more relaxed and the interview committee and I started to really bond. They asked many follow up questions, and even a couple of the committee members seemed super excited.

After the interview, the director walked me out, and congratulated me on a super interview. We spoke for a few moments, and was told she would follow up with me later this week, as they have another interview.

I feel really good about the interview, and their reaction to me, and my experiences. Keeping my fingers crossed!

After the interview, I hurried home, and started packing for the scrapbooking weekend. It took a long time, but I had a lot of stuff. My husband got home from work, and helped me finish loading the car. The drive was so long!

Friday - - The morning we spent with my family, and lounging around. The scrapbooking event started at 5. My mom and I went up a little early to help set up and scope out the place. My husband went to spend the rest of the weekend with his family.

The rest of the weekend is almost a blur. There were up to 50 people scrapbooking at any given moment. Some people didn't sleep. There was a constant supply of food. There were a few shops to purchase stuff from. There were at least 5 cricuts on site. We played "Let's make a deal" for tickets. We did the chicken dance (many times). Tickets were used to win door prizes (from gift certificates, brads, and paper to office chairs and totes). The oldest scrapbooker = 71, the youngest = 12.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get much scrapbooking done. Instead I was busy helping with the organization of the event. I also was the photographer for the weekend, taking nearly 400 photos!

It was quite the weekend!

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  1. That sounds exactly like my interview. They told me that they thought I would fit in great, and that they had another interview the next week and would let me know. Hopefully you get the job like I did. It's a great feeling. Congrats on even getting the interview.