July 9, 2008

A Change

Everything happens for a reason. Last night (well really early this morning) I was playing with my blog. I thought I had it all backed up and ready to go. I did not. Thus, is why what used to look like this:

Now does not.

However, my new look is growing on me. Sure it needs some work, but I think I like it.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

PS. Back up your blogger template before doing anything, even if you think you backed it up just a week ago!


  1. If you need help with blog formatting at all, let me know... I'll help you out

  2. I thought something looked different! I really like it though.

  3. It's not bad. At least the label cloud is still there!

  4. It's different but pretty :) I'm always thinking I want to change mine up but then remember how much time it takes.