July 24, 2008

Something weird

If you use Twitter you may already know, but it went all crazy on us. Thus, if you were following me, you most likely are not now. It dropped all people that I was following and those following me (well, not dropped completely, but no one is following anyone now... does that make sense?).

It is a mess. Guess I'm happy I hadn't worked to hard too build a huge group of foreverdaisies tweet followers.

However, whether or not you were previously following me, you can start following me at http://twitter.com/foreverdaisies . I update it more often than my blog (usually) as I can update from my cell :) It can be addictive (you have been warned).

Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm still not on the Twitter bandwagon. I guess I'm one of the lame ones who just don't "get it."

  2. Thanks for the update Kim, I didn't notice until you said something. Of course I haven't looked at it in a couple of days. Guess I'm not quite addicted yet! :)

  3. twitter an plurk... some friends invited me to join them but I said no, thanks. I knew it would be addictive, I wwouldn't be able to control myself working on them...