July 17, 2008

We were supposed to be home

We should be home, in MN right now.

We actually left ON TIME, which if you know us, is no minor miracle.


About 1/2 way back we stopped for gas. Filled up. Paid at pump. Pulled forward, parked. Went inside for drinks. Paid. Returned to car. Put in reverse. Car quit and would not start. Tried for 10 minutes. We got towed to the Ford dealer. The tow truck driver (while driving) dug under his seat. Found a nearly empty bag of chips. Dumped a few in his hand. Put back under seat. 5 minutes later,
Drove with his knees. Dug for the bag again. Dumps rest of chips in his mouth. Ford cannot even look at car until tomorrow. We are #5100. They were on #2000 when we left.

Geez. Just our Luck.


  1. Ah! That sucks! Hope the car gets fixed and you are on your way home in no time!

  2. Go figure. Just when a person gets things together, everything else falls apart. What a lousy way to end a trip.

    Hope things look up pretty soon.