July 1, 2008

What makes you happy?

After reading here that the United States is the 16th most happy county in the world I started to think about what really makes people happy. The article points out that in previous research, it was found that money doesn't buy happiness, however people in richer countries are generally happier than those in poor countries. Is it about the money, or is there something else, some underlying factor?

Could happiness be growing out of factors that are not directly from money, but are money and economically related? Things such as government practices, being able to provide basic care items to one's family, the ability to stop and smell the flowers, go to the park, or send your child to school without fear. Unfortunately, in some part money is behind many of these things.

Anyhow, I digress.

Things that make me happy...
My husband, family, friends, flowers, color, nature, memories, photos, stories, learning, ice cream, animals, helping others, ability to vote, being a part of a democratic society, travel, learning about other cultures, technology, the rain drops on a cool summer afternoon, and the sun greeting me each morning, music, laughter...

I'm sure there is more, but for now I'll leave it at that.

What makes you happy?


  1. family, kids, coffee, my new planner, having freedom, summers off, quiet evenings, cool fall nights...

  2. I really needed this. I was thinking today about writing a post about how I pretend to be so happy and really am just miserable because I feel so out of shape... but thinking about all my blessings made me happy again.