July 9, 2008

Works for Me - Laundry

I honestly don't mind laundry. Sure, it isn't that much fun, but it beats washing dishes or scrubbing toilets any day!

I do try to keep our laundry organized. Yeah, for the entire TWO of us :-)

Here is what works for us...

I keep a laundry basket in our bathroom/closet (it is nearly one in the same). We put our dirty stuff, and clothes hangers here.

When it is full, one of us takes the basket to the laundry room. We have one of those 3 bin sorters. We go with darks, whites/lights and reds. The hangers get placed on the small clothing rack in the laundry room.

When one of the laundry bins are or nearing full, I wash out of that one. We only wash reds about once, or less, each week, but darks and whites typically more.

I try to immediately fold, or hang the clothes. For things other than clothes (towels etc) I put away pronto. For clothes, we have the small clothes rack for the hanging stuff.

For the folded stuff, we have this:

One for my things and one for my husbands. We have a very small laundry room that doubles as our storage room, so the baskets are fairly small, however they work perfect for the 2 of us.

If the basket or hanging rack are full, I don't wash more until it is put away. This encourages my husband, and myself to keep on top of it. Otherwise, Monday comes around and we don't have socks! Or underclothes! Or a dress shirt for the 8 am meeting!

It seems to work for us!

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  1. Sounds like a great plan for staying on top of the laundry. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great idea! I never seem to have all of the laundry done.

  3. I always seem to have laundry everywhere. It is not my favorite of things to do. You've inspired me to try harder! Thanks for the tip!

    (I absolutely LOVE daisies. They are all over my house! I love your blog name and layout. So cute!)