August 15, 2008

Let's be honest...

Where did everyone go?

Feedburner reported that

Tuesday I had 31 subscribers...

Wednesday I had 29 subscribers...

and today I found that as of Thursday I have 19 subscribers!

I realize not everyone goes through feedburner.

And if you are reading this

you obviously are not one of the many that left.

Now sure. I blog for me.

However I enjoy that you all stop by

and leave nice comments...

But, let's be honest.

What is going on?


  1. Ok, that's weird.....I keep track of you on bloglines.

  2. I've got you on Bloglines as well so it may not show up. Sorry!

  3. I subscribe to you on Google Reader, and I'm still here :)

    I know little about Feedburner. Maybe it was a technical glitch?

  4. I read you on bloglines as well, I prefer that to the email services.

  5. Bloglines shows up in Feedburner... the number of subscribers isn't actually the number of subscribers... just the number that viewed that day. So if everyone went to the lake on Thursday, you'd jump down to 0... it's only temporary... I usually go based on 7 days averages... or the highest number in any given week to try to get a feel for how many subscribers I have.

    We're probably all still here. Feel better now?

  6. I was having the same issue. Started to feel kinda sorry for myself then shook it off. Feedburner says lots of people stopped by so I'll go with that. I have you in Google Reader BTW.

  7. I've come to the conclusion that counts will go up and down and I can't worry about it too much. I do my best to post good stuff, about things that are important to me and might strike a chord with or be interesting to others. That's all we can do. And I think you do that well, so don't worry. :)

  8. I use blogrolling (I really should switch!!!), so I don't know if it shows up or not...?

  9. I don't know what feedburner is, but I use google reader.

  10. Feedburner is odd to me, quite frankly I don't get the counts, so I added sitemeter. It doesn't show me subscribers but actual counts. I think if you pay for it, it will show you where they come from as well. (i.e. link froma comment, it does show the location of the IP in the free version.)

  11. I don't even know how to subscribe to a blog or what that means. But I'm still out here. :)