August 10, 2008

My weekend treasures

Husband and I went out and did all of our grocery shopping yesterday and today. It took stopping a few different stores, depending on the sale and coupons, thus taking way longer than we expected. We also really weren't in any hurry. We took our time, enjoying our time out, also making stops at the Post Office, Target, Walmart (yes, I know, I try to avoid Walmart), Archivers and Michaels.

On Friday, I received a 40% off any one item and a 25% off entire purchase at Michael's. With the expiration date Saturday, I decided to splurge and purchase something I have been wanting for some time!

Here is a sneak peak...

On the way to Michael's, Husband found a 40% off coupon that someone has tossed! We latched onto it, however I didn't have anything in mind! Geez! An extra coupon! I was splurging with the first one! I usually use these for adhesive. I go through a lot of it and even though it is a smaller cost, it adds up fast. However husband insisted I treat myself, and use both coupons for 2 larger items (he offering to go through the line as well for the 2nd coupon).

Here is peak at the 2nd item I picked out:


I have not played with my new finds.

THIS is what my scrap space looks like right now:



And I'm even sensoring the floor and shelving around the scrap table! See I haven't really scrapbooked all summer. I have made a few random cards and such, and just left things in a pile, mid project.

Thus, I am not going to use my new toys until my space is cleared, cleaned, and organized. It is sad, however it really needs done.

In the meantime, can you guess what I bought? No prize, just bragging rights :-)


  1. No clue, but I love Michael's and can spend way to much money in there easily!

  2. I want to come and play in that scrapping space with you!

  3. How sweet of your husband and I really want to know what that item is....

  4. I've been wracking my brains to figure out your orange better get cleanin' if that's the only way we get to see what it is! Ha! The suspense is killing me.

  5. Can I send my pictures and empty scrapbook to you? My son will be 6 in November and I still haven't strted his First Year book.

  6. I found you via Menu Plan Monday, I saw these pictures of your scrapbook room and became envious! I love scraping and making cards but I sure could get much more done in this room. I don't know how you would ever keep it clean really, I would always be in the middle of something.

    As far as your pictures I would guess the first one is some sort of a die cutter and the second looks like a magazine organizer??