August 26, 2008

Updates and break time

Hello! Thank you to everyone that has stuck around for the last 200 posts! Doesn't matter where you joined us at, I'm happy you are here!

For the last week, I have been feeling achy, sleepy, and just all around not quite myself. Then, Friday night, I was sick. Fever, upset stomach, hungry but nauseous... I'll spare you on the details... lets just say it was bad. I couldn't sleep, so I was sitting on the living room chair feeling sorry for myself. I decided I should wake husband. Not sure why, other than I wanted his company. However I couldn't get out of the chair. I hurt all over and didn't want to move. So I called him. HEHE! Yeah. It sounds ridiculous. I picked up my cell and called his. He woke right up and kindly waited on my every need.

Once I feel asleep, I was out. I slept most of the weekend! Monday morning I felt better, though my stomach still wasn't agreeing with me. I was kinda thinking it was a stomach ulcer. I have had them before and was feeling similar symptoms, however of course can't know for sure.

I decided to be a trooper and go forward with my afternoon interview. The interview was a 1.5 hour drive (yeah, okay position, long drive), but I gave myself 3 hours to get there. Good thing I didn't need a bathroom break when I got there, as I came upon a 2 semi truck accident and was stuck in traffic. I made it in time for the interview, with only 10 minutes to spare!

The interview went okay. It isn't the number 1 position I have been hoping for, but it is a great opportunity. After driving home from the interview, I slept, nearly 3 hours. I was out!

Today, I slept in again. I'm feeling better and better, however am still being cautious as my stomach still doesn't agree with me. However I'm eating in small portions. Toast, grilled cheese and apple sause have become my new best friends. Additionally, I haven't had an Mt. Dew for a few days. I know it would make an ulcer worse. I'm trying to avoid anything that would do that!

ANYHOW. I have another interview tomorrow! I'm really excited for this position! It is in the office I want to work in, working with the group of students I enjoy working with! I'm nervous as I haven't done much prep work for the interview, and I know at least one other person that is interviewing for the job. However I'm hopeful. I really want this one!

On that note, I'm going to be taking it easy the next week or so from blogging. Ha! I have been a little sporadic in my postings lately anyhow. :-) I need to take care of myself, make sure whatever I have, I get rid of. I also need to work on this getting a job thing!

I will post now and then, and I'll continue to attempt in keeping up with reading blogs, however I just feel the need be okay with my not posting every day or so. I'm not sure how long this partial break will last, however I'm thinking a week, or 2. However when I am back I hope to be back to me regular posting self!

Thanks for understanding!


  1. Get well soon! Breaks are very valid. Enjoy yours, and good luck with the job situation!

  2. Take care of yourself! Maybe you should go to the doctor!! Hope you find an awesome job too!

  3. I had to take one for a few weeks while I helped hubby with a project, life and sanity is more important than blogging. Take it easy, hope your side feels better

  4. Take care of yourself, get well, and good luck with the interviews!

    We'll be here when you return, healthy and well-rested...and newly employed!

  5. good luck for the interview.
    it's okay to take a break for a while, hope you'll feel fresh when you comeback

  6. Yes, dear. We'll be waiting impatiently till you return. But take all the time you need to take care of you.

    Blogging should be pure enjoyment, not an obligation. JMHO.

    Good luck with your interviews!! Hopefully they will all realize what an awesome employee you would be, and they'll fall all over themselves to offer you a spot. I can see it now.

    And thanks for the hugs. You made me smile.

  7. Take good care of yourself! Good luck with the interviews!

  8. We hope you feel lots better soon and good luck with the interviews!